Wednesday, June 30, 2010


 sy sangat happy gila babi bla spain menang itu hari,lompat2 guling2 atas tilam,terjun sakura naik tingkat atas,terjun balik.. woohoo oh and I had my oral test this morning and it wasn't that bad at all. 
I need to buy snacks and etcs. My sleeping time is disaster. Watching football is like watching horror movie, I just can't sit still.hurmm

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

be positive

when you feel that nobody loves you
nobody cares for you
everyone is ignoring you
and people are jealous at you
you should really ask yourself

am I TOO sexy

if you have confidence you don't have to bring others down
I met this kind and I choose to be positive! :)

p/s:yay,my mom suruh balik rumah cuti 3 hari nanti!!